The many layers of intelligent security

The many layers of intelligent security

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We all know that the security industry is rapidly changing. But do you know if your security distributor is evolving at the same pace? Do they keep up with current trends, upskill their employees and invest in servicing their customers quickly and proactively?

We are there for you

Elvey does what distributors are intended to do in an exceptional manner.

    • Our team provides superior technology that is driven by the needs of our customers.
    • We invest in our people and have the largest number of technical feet on the ground.
    • We make our products conveniently available through an extensive branch network.
    • One account nationally makes purchasing from any Elvey branch more convenient.
    • We offer free delivery, same day or next day, allowing you to service your clients better.
    • The products are backed by top-notch training provision.
    • We offer you excellent after-sales support.
    • We assist you and your customers to acquire financing on products and systems through Elvey Finance.