The budget-friendly addressable panel solution

The budget-friendly addressable panel solution

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Addressable fire detection panels are ideal for larger, more complicated installations, but they do generally come at a premium. Enter the FireClass FC501. This triple-circuit single-loop panel brings installers all the advantages of an addressable panel, but with a very budget-conscious price tag.

The intuitive, user-friendly choice

The FC501 addressable panel is an extremely intuitive and user-friendly panel that offers installers the option to leverage the advantages, but without the costs typically associated with addressable panels. How? By reducing the wiring costs.

This out-of-the box panel is fully programmable via the onboard keyboard and once the loop devices are wired, the system can be auto addressed by a single click. A battery and wire calculation tool is included in the software to help installers when sizing up the system.

Why the FC501?

The FC501 is reported by users to have the simplicity of a conventional system and the benefits of FireClass addressable digital technology. The panel is proving extremely popular because of:

 Full local and remote monitoring and control

 Front panel controls enable text and configuration changes

 USB interface provides firmware upgrades, upload and download panel configuration, as well as upload of languages and vocal dialout messages

 Connects up to 128 devices, including the double and triple technology detectors, as well as modules and sounders


Not rocket science

The FC501 panel has been designed to make installation and programming quick and easy, letting you get systems up and running in no time.

• Decreased installation cost and time – no special tools or software needed

• Ease of configuration and use – little training needed

• Intelli-Zone mapping – allows installers to perform test and programming at once

• Graphic interface displays all devices connected to the different zones – easily manage the system from anywhere in the world with the use of MAE software program.

FireClass at work

One Albert Quay – Ireland’s smartest building – is designed to demonstrate the full range of possibilities smart, connected IoT technology can bring to a building. See how FireClass can be integrated with other Tyco security products for a complete building management solution.

Did you know?

FireClass has a comprehensive range of addressable panels and accessories available for a multitude of applications, including care homes, commercial, education, healthcare, hotels, IT/server rooms, retail, and warehousing and manufacturing.


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