Securing Ruimsig Golf Estate with Turnstar vehicle barriers

Securing Ruimsig Golf Estate with Turnstar vehicle barriers

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The Gary Player designed Ruimsig golf estate on the West Rand is a classic example of how Turnstar vehicle access barriers are driving down crime.

Scoring a visitor access control Eagle

After a number of members’ vehicles were stolen from the country club premises, management decided it was time to replace their dog-eared visitor book and manually operated boom gate with a more secure option.

The Turnstar Talon Barrier automatic tyre-spike vehicle barrier was selected by the system integrator because:

 It’s ideal for applications needing high volume access and high levels of security
 It’s designed by professional engineers
 It’s tried, tested and perfected over a period of over 20 years
 It’s perfect for use in severe operating conditions
 It provides a visual deterrent to would-be criminals
 It has a CE-certified ultra-heavy-duty electromechanical rotation locking mechanism
 It has two 100% duty geared torque motors for consistent and long-lasting operation
 Three-stage interlinked opening and closing procedure prevents mishaps when a vehicle drives underneath the barrier arm (before the barrier arm is in the raised position and before the spikes have lowered fully)
 Vehicle barrier cabinet, spikes and spike rack supplied in a combination of various coated and uncoated stainless steel materials – offering high levels of corrosion resistance
 Unaffected by dust, dirt and moisture



Creating a secure physical barrier to unwanted traffic

See how the Turnstar Talon Barrier formed part of an integrated access control solution at Ruimsig and see how you can apply it to your customer’s needs.



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