Saving lives and preventing service disruption

Saving lives and preventing service disruption

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Elvey knows that no two applications are the same for fire detection technology. That’s why, in addition to a range of addressable and conventional panels, the Elvey Fire team can offer both very early warning detection as well as detectors for large open spaces, to provide maximum protection for human and capital assets.


Overcoming large area detection issues

Large open spaces such as warehouses, airports, train stations, stadiums and shopping malls, pose special challenges to reliable fire detection. This is because they are often heavily trafficked; may have high ceilings, pocket beams, atriums and other difficult-to-reach areas; have odd-shaped cavernous spaces; and are difficult to access.


The Xtralis OSID (open-area smoke imaging detection) provides the solution to these environmental challenges. Some of its great features include:

 Supports up to 7 emitters with a single imager – ideal for unusually shaped areas

 Emitters can be placed at different heights – overcomes stratification

 Multi-emitter 3D approach provides 50% better detection coverage – beams converge to one point

 Dual wavelength particle detection – uses two wavelengths of light to detect particles to distinguish between particle sizes

 Optical imaging array provides wider viewing angle to locate and capture images

 OSID Diagnostic software – allows for live and offline diagnostic information about the system and environment

 Onboard log memory for fault and alarm diagnostics


The OSID provides users with a multitude of benefits:

• Simple to install, commission and maintain

• Reliably detects at 150 metres

• Can operate through small gaps in metal support structure of roofs

• High tolerance to vibration and structural movement of buildings -minimum 2° fl ex in all directions

• High resistance to dust, fogging, steam, reflected sunlight and other environmental elements.




When seconds count

Critical areas within industrial applications require very early detection of fire to ensure that services and production are unaffected. Conventional point-type and beam-type detectors are not sensitive enough for early warning of smoke. But the Xtralis VESDA (Very Early Smoke Detection Aspirator) high sensitivity detection allows for quick assessments and preventative action.

How does it work?

1. Air is continuously drawn into a distributed pipe network using a high-efficiency aspirator.

2. The air sample passes through a dual-stage filter to remove dust.

3. The air sample goes through the detection chamber where it is exposed to a laser light source.

4. When smoke is present, light is scattered within the detection chamber and is instantly identified by the highly sensitive receiver system.

5. The information is communicated to a fire alarm control panel, a software management system, or a building management system via relays or a High Level Interface (HLI).

Why choose a VESDA system?

 Buys time to investigate – making it perfect for server rooms, clean rooms, telecommunication facilities, financial data centres, power generation facilities and utilities.

 Can be placed at return air grilles or where the smoke goes in large, open areas – ideal for server rooms, clean rooms, telecommunication facilities, warehouses, atriums, indoor stadiums, theatres and convention centres.

 Can be mounted in inaccessible areas for easy maintenance (only the piping is installed in these areas) – ideal for ceiling voids and sub-floor spaces, prisons and detention facilities, lift shafts, ducts and production areas.

 Can be installed with capillary sampling tubes – making it unobtrusive in areas such as modern offices, heritage buildings, cathedrals, prisons and detention facilities, art galleries and museums, and prestigious residences.


Did you know?

In instances where spot-type smoke detectors detract from the aesthetics of a building, a concealed pipe network, such as the VESDA one, can provide smoke detection and at the same time be virtually invisible. Win win.


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