Remotely manage fleets for enhanced productivity and safety

Remotely manage fleets for enhanced productivity and safety

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Most fleet owners just don’t have the time to be constantly checking on their fleet and the drivers they employ. The Autowatch range of fleet management products lets fleet owners carry on with their core business, without the unnecessary worry of ensuring drivers conduct themselves properly.


Driving analysis

The Autowatch Telematics 852 Ruby is a powerful video streaming and fleet management system designed for enhanced safety and driving analysis using video technology.

Up to four wired cameras, linked into the 852 Ruby, continuously record footage while the vehicle ignition is on. Users can also set a predefined operational period for the system to remain active after the ignition is switched off.

The 852 Ruby features:

    • A mobile app and web user interface which can be downloaded from the App Store and play Store for on-hand video view and alert monitoring.
    •  On board robust Solid State storage of geographic and date/time stamped videos for over 200 hours.
    • GPS is embedded into all recorded video data, allowing management to locate a vehicle at a specific time.
    • The unit tracks stops, speeding and idling.


Take a deep breath

Fleet managers no longer need to be on site to breathalyse their drivers. The Autowatch Breathalok alcohol ignition device prevents drivers from operating company vehicles when under the influence of alcohol.

    • The driver must blow into the Breathalok device before the ignition can be activated.
    • The Breathalok uses electronics counter circumvention measures (EECM) to distinguish between mechanically simulated (false) and human breath samples.
    • A driver change switch with status LED provides a visual indication when a sample is required and accepted, and prompts for a driver change with random samples.
    • The device has two override functions: once-off reprogrammable override function to ensure the vehicle stays mobile, and an emergency override PIN code in the unlikely event of a technical failure.

Did you know?

The Road Traffic Management Corp (RTMC) has proposed to the Department of Justice that driving under the influence (DUI), speeding and reckless or negligent driving be reclassified in terms of the Criminal Procedure Act.

This will include pushing to change DUI from a schedule 2 to a schedule 5 offence, which would place drunk driving in the same ‘category’ of crimes as rape and murder.


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