Redefining the standard in outdoor detection

Redefining the standard in outdoor detection

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The Optex VX Infinity series and VXI-CMOD take outdoor detection to a new level of increased accuracy and responsiveness.

Expanded features in a slimmer, smaller form

VX-Infinity comes in three variations, with eight models:

• Dual PIR detector

• Dual PIR detector with anti-masking for detecting objects on the lens surface

• Dual PIR and microwave detector with anti-masking, for the ultimate stability in detection and performance, with decreased false alarms for strong lighting locations


Common features

 Sensitivity adjustment switch
 Walk test mode LED
 Double conducive shielding
 Cover tamper
 Quick installation
 Area masking templates

Upgrade your VXI sensor

The VXI-CMOD wireless HD camera module lets you easily integrate with hardwired VX Infinity sensors for a complete visual verification solution.


Why the VXI-CMOD?

The integrated VXI-CMOD, with 180° panoramic angle and night vision has a number of great features:

      • Activates when the outdoor VXI sensor detects an intruder.
      • Events are recorded and a notification is sent to paired
        mobile devices.
      • Access to live camera view for three simultaneous users.
      • Doesn’t require connection to an alarm panel.
      • Integrated microphone.

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