More Than 70 Years Of
Driving The Standards

1946 Charles Elvey Agencies (Pty) Ltd is established.

1976 Elliot Wainstein joins Charles Elvey Agencies.

1977 Elvey Tool & Hardware (Pty) Ltd is formed.

1978 Charles Elvey Agencies begins distribution of fire retardant cable range.

1981 Charles Elvey Agencies becomes supplier of choice for smoke detectors after Laingsburg flood.

1982 Charles Elvey Agencies changes its name to Elvey International (Pty) Ltd

1990 Elvey initiates the Electronic Security Distributors Association.

1992 Paul Wainstein becomes Chief Executive Officer of the Elvey Group.

1996 Security was the prime focus of the company and it rapidly grew to its present market leadership status.

1999 Elvey successfully listed as Elvey Security Technologies (Pty) Ltd, on the JSE in May 1999.

2001 The JSE listed company Hudaco Industries (Pty) Ltd, acquired Elvey.

2003 Jack Edery becomes Chief Executive Officer of Elvey Security Technologies.

2011 Elvey Security Technologies acquires specialist distributor Pentagon.

2014 Elvey Security Technologies & Pentagon move into new head offices in Greenstone.

2016 Elvey celebrates 70th birthday milestone. Gary Lowe is appointed as new CEO

2017 Elvey acquires Commercial ICT.

2018 Elvey acquires TPA Security Distributors

2020 Global Communications and SS Telecoms is consolidated into the Elvey Group of Companies

2021 TPA is branded Elvey as part of the Elvey Group of Companies

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