Olarm Pro Smart Security Communicator

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Olarm Pro Smart Security Communicator

Olarm PRO is a multi-network WiFi and Mobile (Dual SIM) communicator which supports a wide range of peripherals enabling users to remotely monitor and control devices such as alarm systems or Nemtek electric fences.

The Olarm PRO seamlessly integrates with trusted security alarm systems. Leading security companies trust Olarm in South Africa.


The Olarm PRO in combination with the Olarm App allows users to:

  • Remotely control and monitor their alarm panel and electric fence – anytime, anywhere
  • Manage multiple properties and security devices from one app
  • Manage users access
  • View live and historic activity
  • Real-time link into their armed response control room via ContactID


The Olarm PRO communicator allows for most leading alarm panels and Nemtek electric
fence energizers to be monitored and controlled remotely using the Olarm App while at the same time routing alarm signals to a monitoring and reaction Control Room.

    • Reliability and enhanced connectivity with WiFi and 2x Olarm managed SIM card communicator
    • Quick and easy installation
    • Peripheral panel auto-detect
    • Minimal device configuration
    • Save time on callouts
    • Future-proof with automatic firmware upgrades
    • Ability to remotely programme certain alarm panels
    • And more…

“Olarm is a great choice for your home or business security solution. It is affordable,
easy to use and reliable.” – Popular Mechanics South Africa

“Olarm is a well-designed, well-conceptualized device that feels like the most natural extension to an alarm, and is capable of bringing even dated setups into a whole new orbit.” – Bandwidth Blog South Africa

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