Elvey Ubiquity airMAX social media post

The Global Standard for Last Mile Connectivity

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Ubiquiti’s Airmax Protocol is designed and engineered for outdoor Point to Point and Point to Multi-Point wireless applications.…

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Uniview Heat-Tracking Access Terminals

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The Heat-Tracker Series measures body temperature to pick up individuals with a fever and possible Coronavirus infections. WATCH…

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New Integrations into Permaconn’s PocketSecure App!

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DSC 1800 PowerSeries now fully integrated into PocketSecure! An alarm system is a great defence mechanism for homeowners…

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Anti-Theft Monitoring Of Critical Power Supply Cables

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Worried about theft of power cables? There’s a simple solution- Permaconn + the Pocket Secure App + the…

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Secure Gate Access for Armed Response

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The problem with providing visitors with entry codes is that they can be hacked and used to gain…

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Keeping You Connected

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In the fast-paced business environment, decisions need to be made quickly to ensure business success. Staying connected, with…

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Sustaining Businesses With Superior ICT Products

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Commercial ICT is focused on providing clients with a range of strategically selected ICT products that will help…

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End-to-end ICT solutions

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Commercial ICT takes the pain out of handling ICT inhouse. Increase productivity, decrease IT system outages and reduce…

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More Flexibility & Ease Of Use For Designers & End Users

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The FireClass FC700 series of advanced panels from Elvey is designed to provide installers with increased flexibility in the…

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Increased Detection Accuracy With The Impaq’s Range Of Shock Sensors

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The new Impaq range of shock sensors is aligned with the recently released European shock sensor standard (EN50131-2-8).…

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