Sustaining Businesses With Superior ICT Products

1701 1209 Elvey

Commercial ICT is focused on providing clients with a range of strategically selected ICT products that will help…

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End-to-end ICT solutions

1559 850 Elvey

Commercial ICT takes the pain out of handling ICT inhouse. Increase productivity, decrease IT system outages and reduce…

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More Flexibility & Ease Of Use For Designers & End Users

960 657 Elvey

The FireClass FC700 series of advanced panels from Elvey is designed to provide installers with increased flexibility in the…

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Increased Detection Accuracy With The Impaq’s Range Of Shock Sensors

4952 3301 Elvey

The new Impaq range of shock sensors is aligned with the recently released European shock sensor standard (EN50131-2-8).…

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Move your visitor management online

560 315 Elvey

Provide your customers with the assurance that their entrances are secure and managed properly. Suitable for all industries, the rugged,…

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Sophisticated commercial physical access control

1240 725 Elvey

The Turnstar range of Speedgate waist-height turnstiles brings high levels of sophistication and security to your client’s facilities.…

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Opening the way to more business

827 483 Elvey

Turnstar’s wide range of industrial turnstiles is the perfect physical access control complement to your client’s security needs.…

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Securing Ruimsig Golf Estate with Turnstar vehicle barriers

827 474 Elvey

The Gary Player designed Ruimsig golf estate on the West Rand is a classic example of how Turnstar…

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Scoring a visitor access control Eagle at Ruimsig Country Club

1600 800 Elvey

Established in 1986, the Gary Player designed Ruimsig golf course is conveniently situated in the heart of the…

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Control vehicle access to your client’s premises

2859 1672 Elvey

Turnstar has a range of physical vehicle barriers guaranteed to prevent unwanted vehicles from entering your client’s premises.…

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