Suga Blu Kit

Guard Mornitoring Solution

Reliability and Strength


The Magtouch Suga Blu Kit, a completely wireless and cost effective online guard monitoring system. Guards patrol and clock points along their patrol route using the Suga Blu baton. Clocking data is automatically sent to the cloud-based server and is then immediately available for use and viewing. The relative data can be accessed through user authentication, from any device with an Internet browser. The solution is tough, reliable and easy to use.

Product Description

Simple Real-Time guard monitoring:
Guards touch robust ID points using the Magtouch patrol baton. Immediately baton data is sent to the server via the GSM network. Through user authentication from any internet enabled device you can print reports and see how your guards are patrolling at any time.

Anytime, Anywhere: 
View reports no matter where you are in the world, from a standard web browser, without installing complicated programs or drivers.

As It Happens:
Enables you to react immediately to information, by viewing live data from a site, using the virtual control room.


SMS Reporting:
React immediately by getting by-the-minute SMS reports. (Optional)


Automatic Reporting:
Get automated emails of your guard’s activities sent to as many email addresses as you need.


Easy Report:
Easy to view reports tell you if guards have been patrolling correctly. With a passing glance, you can tell if patrols were done correctly or points were missed.


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