Increased Detection Accuracy With The Impaq’s Range Of Shock Sensors

Increased Detection Accuracy With The Impaq’s Range Of Shock Sensors

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The new Impaq range of shock sensors is aligned with the recently released European shock sensor standard (EN50131-2-8). This means that you can offer your customers a more accurate, reliable and user-configurable product because
of the superior accelerometer technology used in the Impaq S Series range.

Setting a new standard in shock sensor performance

The new Impaq S Series comprises two models:

• Impaq S wired shock sensor
• Impaq SC wired shock/contact sensor

Common S Series features include:

 Superior highly-sensitive VIBER® accelerometer technology
 Mounts on uPVC window frames, wood and concrete
 Compatible with Texecom and all popular industry standard panels
 Five selectable digital sensitivity settings
 Built-in EOL resistors

Why choose VIBER® accelerometer technology?

VIBER® accelerometer technology is highly sensitive to
sub-surface shock transmissions resulting from attempted forced entry, and is completely immune to airborne-based high-frequency noise.

The Impaq S Series is designed to detect and analyse
forcible shock and provide early warning of attempted
intrusion, for quick reaction. The benefits of VIBER
accelerometer technology are obvious:

• Detects in all three dimensions – increasing installation flexibility
• Can detect movement or location change
• Intuitive LED-assisted setup procedure
• The Impaq SC works as a dual-zone sensor and the magnet can be positioned on either side of the device
• Low battery warning ensures uninterrupted operation

Click on the link below to download the product brochure

Impaq Product Brochure

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