S Series

Our new S-Series range of
access control is all about
making things simpler and
quicker for you.


  • True plug-and-play hardware quickly clips together for rapid expansion – no additional wiring needed.
  • Three-core cable for the readers – quicker installation, which means less time on site.
  • Readers can be installed up to 150m from the cluster and module – greater flexibility to meet your customer needs, without masses of additional hardware.
  • Wire up the readers in a multitude of ways – daisy chain, multi-drop, star and more.


  • Massive cost savings by being able to use one cluster, with one module to manage 4 APB doors (8 readers).
  • Three-core cable is significantly cheaper and can be quickly and easily accessed from any electrical store.
  • Time on site is reduced, meaning less cost.



  • Customer doesn’t want to pay for software? No problem, Access Portal Basic is free of charge .
  • Customer hasn’t got a computer? Order the cluster controller with an LCD and no computer is necessary.
  • Customer is worried about cloning of cards? Security is assured through Impro’s proprietary anti-cloning card technology, which means nobody can copy the card and put the business at risk!