Illustra Flex IR PTZ provides high-quality imaging in challenging lighting conditions

Illustra Flex IR PTZ provides high-quality imaging in challenging lighting conditions

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For applications where image clarity and camera functionality are needed, the Illustra Flex IR PTZ comes out tops. Marrying cost-effectiveness, performance, and reliability, the outdoor and indoor models set a new standard for PTZ cameras.


The benefits are as clear as night and day

The Illustra Flex IR PTZ cameras offer powerful zoom and control in even the most challenging lighting conditions and are ideal for mission-critical installations.

  • Both indoor and outdoor versions feature 30x optical and 12x digital zoom, resolving scene details at up to 300 m.
  • The outdoor model’s powerful IR illuminators allow night scene illumination of up to 150 m.
  • The indoor model has a 25 m IR range.
  • Bubble-free, environmentally-sealed and vandal-resistant, the design provides maximised video quality at any tilt angle. The result? Better situational awareness.
  • VideoEdge® Tricklestor failover redundancy. Recording continues on the edge when communication fails. The camera detects interruptions and records to its SD card. When communication is restored it transfers video back to the NVR.



Cost-effective quality

The Illustra Flex IR PTZ cameras are easy on the pocket due to:

    • True Day/Night and True Dynamic Range with integral adaptive IR. No supplementary, costly IR lighting is needed.
    • Illustra® IntelliZip bandwidth management. Increased compression results in reduced storage requirements and reduced network bandwidth requirements, without reducing quality.

The secure option

The Illustra Flex IR PTZ cameras meet all the requirements for highend network security conscious customers in complex, integrated environments. Some of the features include:

• Multi-level password protection

• IP address filtering

• User access logs

• Certificate management

Did you know?

The integral adaptive IR LEDs adjust in intensity to deliver the correct amount of light for clearly viewing objects from close up to 150 metres away.

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