Triple The Detection


Product Description

FireClass FC460 detectors provide the best in class environmental and detection performance with the capability of detecting all fire types. The Range includes an Optical/Heat Multisensor and Optical/Heat/CO Triple Multisensor.

Automatic self testing of each sensor element offers reassurance of operation at all times and the 360º alarm, isolated and fault LED on each detector provides instant line of sight. Fourteen EN54 approved modes/sensitivities for the Optical/ Heat Multisensor help to provide one of the best and most versatile detectors on the market.

Detection Modes

The FC460 range of detectors use the FireClass digital protocol to provide robust and reliable communications to the control panel. A wide range of cable types can be used and the open topology capability of the system makes it ideal for the upgrade of older systems whilst reusing the cables to reduce cost.

Whilst the optical detector can be set to three different sensitivities and the heat detector programmed in one of three different detection modes, the photo/heat multisensor has available a total of 14 approved modes/sensitivities. The photo/heat multisensor can also, simultaneously operate as two independently addressed detectors using different modes of operation.

General Features

  • Multiple fire detection modes
  • FireClass detection algorithms
  • CO fire detection technology
  • Up to 250 detectors per loop
  • Optional bi-directional line isolation
  • Remote detector verification & temperature read out
  • Highly featured service tool
  • Programmable alarm LED with 360º viewing angle
  • Optional detector locking pin
  • Variety of sounder and relay detector base
  • Internationally approved