ET Nice – FAQ

ET Nice – FAQ

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ET NICE Gate and Garage Door Operators

Below are links to a series of videos that were created to answer your most frequently asked questions:

How to add a new transmitter into an ET Gate or Garage door control card that incorporates 3 programming pins for its receiver?
What is ET Blu Mix and how do you know whether your remote control system is ET Blu Mix?
How do you add a Transmitter to your DC Blue Advanced garage door operator for full open and close function?
How do you add a transmitter to the ET Nice RX2 Micro Receiver?
How do you add a user code on the E-Pad 02 wireless keypad that will let you use both left and right channels?
How do you set up the runtime on the Drive Range?
How do you fully close an ET Nice Drive Series gate operator?
How do you add a transmitter to the ET RX3 2017 RC and ET RX3 Condo RC Receivers?
You have an ET Nice Drive Series sliding gate operator. How do you wire up the infra-red beams?
Do you know the difference between dependent and non battery dependent operators?

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