Elvey Finance

Enabling business growth with Elvey Finance

Elvey Finance allows businesses to grow by providing an alternative finance option. These finance options are for end-user fire and security systems installations. Elvey is the only company in the industry offering this add-on business benefit for its clients.

Who benefits from Elvey Finance?

    • Your commercial clients who are expanding or replacing their current installation.
    • Homeowners who need a system but cannot afford to pay using traditional financing routes.

Elvey Finance for commercial clients

    1. Alternative finance for commercial clients through The Rental Company.
    2. Enabling resellers to offer their clients the option of monthly rental of equipment.
    3. Resellers and their clients have immediate access to nine funding facilities. These are including several innovative methods of gaining and enhancing a client’s chances of obtaining credit approval.

How do you tap into this great opportunity?

Here’s how you get on board.

    • Contact the team below and set up an appointment.
    • Sign up for a short training course that will teach you how to become part of the Elvey Finance chain.
    • Attend training either at the Elvey Finance offices or your store.
    • Learn about the advantages for your customers – then tell them!
    • Get ongoing support from the Elvey Finance team.

Get training

The short training course will teach you:

    • How to use the Elvey Finance calculator to calculate your customer’s monthly repayments.
    • The benefits of quoting the finance option on every proposal.
    • The various assessment categories.
    • What documentation is required.
    • How the process works.
    • Methods for increasing commercial customers’ chances of credit approvals.
    • Taking your residential customers through the process.

The no-brainer benefits to you

    • Become a one-stop security and financing shop for your commercial and residential customers.
    • Risk-free, immediate financing means that customers don’t have to stand in bank queues and fill in numerous forms.
    • Happy customers are one of your biggest selling tools.

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