Press Release: Elvey Appointed as Ajax Distributor

Press Release: Elvey Appointed as Ajax Distributor

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February 2021

Elvey appointed as Ajax distributor

Elvey was recently appointed as a distributor for the Ajax range of intrusion technology. According to Ingo Mutinelli – head of sales in South Africa for Ajax Systems – the decision was clear-cut and based on Elvey’s long-standing reputation for successfully growing the footprint of various security technology brands throughout Southern Africa.

“Elvey has a strong national branch network, which includes all formerly TPA-branded outlets, each manned by a highly competent and technically-skilled team of support technicians and engineers. The network will provide our customers with the highest levels of technical pre- and after-market support and service, ensuring best advice on installations, prompt product turnaround times and maximised system uptime,” Mutinelli points out.

The Ajax product line includes 33 devices for protection of premises and adjacent territories, fire safety, and flood protection, as well as home automation. It can also integrate video surveillance.

“Our appointment as an Ajax distributor will help to provide our customers with access to a far wider range of intruder detection technology. Of particular appeal with the Ajax range is its ability to readily and seamlessly integrate with other security systems and with home automation systems. Homeowners are looking for increased value-add on all their purchases as a result of restricted budgets resulting from the national lockdown,” says Zane Greeff – sales lead at Elvey.

Some of the key features of the Ajax system include:

  • Two separate, free apps – one for installers and one for homeowners – allowing remote configuring and controlling of Ajax systems.
  • The Ajax Hub control panel manages all Ajax devices; arms and disarms the property; and in case of a threat, notifies an alarm response centre as well as the user via SMS, push notification or phone call.
  • The hub uses Ajax’s encrypted radio protocol, Jeweller, to connect to detectors and monitor them.
  • Ajax Cloud, the company’s cloud server, connects the user’s hub to their smartphone for delivery of instantaneous alarm notifications.
  • ReX is the Ajax security system radio signal range extender that expands the boundaries of the protected area.
  • Two fire detection devices– the FireProtect and FireProtect Plus –promptly react to smoke or a sharp temperature rise. FireProtect Plus can also prevent carbon monoxide poisoning.

The corrosion-resistant LeaksProtect flood prevention detector identifies pipe breakages, as well as geyser, washing machine or dishwasher leaks.

“We look forward to working closely with installers to devise customised smart monitoring solutions for their customers’ installations, based on the Ajax offering,” says Greeff.

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