Dahua WizSense Makes Your Video Intelligent, Simple And Inclusive

Dahua WizSense Makes Your Video Intelligent, Simple And Inclusive

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What is WizSense?

Launched by Dahua Technology, WizSense is a series of wide range AI products and solutions that adopt independent AI chip and deep learning algorithm. It can recognise human and vehicle in an image with high accuracy, enabling users to focus on real targets. Based on Dahua’s advanced technology, WizSense makes your video intelligent, simple and inclusive.

Intelligent Video Security Simple Video Security Inclusive Video Security
Powered by AI chip and deep learning algorithm, WizSense provides various features that realizes accurate alarms for human and vehicle, and quick target search, maximizing resources to increase overall efficiency. WizSense offers simple configuration, especially for SMD Plus that can be enabled by just a single button. It eases your customer’s daily job and also empowers them to make better business decisions. Inclusivity of WizSense is the idea that everyone gets the oppertunities and benefits from AI. With affordable prices and easy configuration of Dahua WizSense, AI is no longer confined to an ivory tower, but applied to real scenarios instead.

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User Benefits

Accurate Security Prediction Instant Deterrence Quick Target Search Storage Saving Privacy Protection
Accurate prediction before an event False alarm rate <1% Instant deterrence during an event Alarm pushing time <1% Quick target search after an event Target search efficiency 98% Storage saving while ensuring target details Bandwidth saving >50% Privacy protection and defense against attacks TUV and UL certified