Containing costs with cloud-based access control system hosting

Containing costs with cloud-based access control system hosting

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A typical scenario in the past was to install a computer and software for the access control systems at a customer’s premises. But in the age of advanced internet network technology, the advantages of cloud-based access control hosting create exciting new opportunities for resellers and installers.

Issues like power failures, database, hardware and software maintenance and corruption of software are a thing of the past with secure, hassle-free, always on access control software that is hosted in the cloud.

Leverage the advantages of cloud based hosting now

What is cloud based access control system hosting?

A hosted access control service is a robust and secure option comprising a server – running access control software – which is not located at the customer premises but which is instead owned and operated by a dealer or a third party.


Quick return on investment

There are a number of benefits for both hosting companies and their clients with the adoption of a Hattrix cloud-hosted access control systems.

Customer benefits:

  • Avoid large upfront hardware and software costs and pay a monthly fee per door, making access control more affordable, especially on smaller systems. For example, a customer who would have to pay R 20,000 upfront for a 5 door system now pays only R 200 a month!
  • Low maintenance, always online system.
  • Peace of mind with hassle-free access control.
  • Service providers or security personnel, located anywhere in the world, can remotely manage the access control systems on multiple sites.


Installer benefits:

  • Increase recurring monthly revenue.
  • Build a larger client base and reduce costs as your customer base grows, the more doors sold the cheaper it becomes for the installer.
  • Increase customer loyalty through regular monthly maintenance contracts.
  • Easier to install and maintain than customer premises-based systems.
  • Use a customer’s existing internet service or purchase our LTE router and hassle-free, always-on internet data bundle option.


Did you know?

The Hattrix cloud-based access control hosting solution is the perfect complement to Tyco’s Trifecta fully integrated access control, intruder detection and surveillance solution. The access control component – EntraPass –is yet another Kantech technology.


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