Big dividends with Hattrix’s offsite access control system hosting

Big dividends with Hattrix’s offsite access control system hosting

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Many customers just don’t want to be bothered with the logistics of hosting their own access control systems. You can now offer them the option of cloud-based offsite monitoring that will allow them to concentrate on their core business while you handle the access control components.

Kantech’s Hattrix decreases manpower needs

Developed over a decade ago, and now available in South Africa from Elvey, Hattrix is a robust cloud-based access control system hosting platform. Supported by Kantech’s EntraPass web platform and EntraPass Go Mobile App, the platform offers enhanced user experience by delivering remote and convenient real-time access.

This means:

• Less customer manpower needed
• Less customer knowledge needed
• Avoiding maintenance inefficiencies
• Saving on infrastructure costs
• Eliminating server, software and annual upgrade fees
• Automatic antivirus and operating system updates
• Security database is continually cleaned and maintained
• Automatic backups, system health checks and audit trails
• Customised security reports via email


The Hattrix Brochure

Remote control

Now users can remotely:

    • Unlock or lock doors
    • Manage cards and schedules
    • Request reports
    • View live video
    • Monitor events by floor plan.
    • Easier to install and maintain than customer premises-based systems.

Did you know?

Kantech’s Hattrix cloud-based access control hosting solution is the perfect complement to Tyco’s Trifecta fully-integrated access control, intruder detection and surveillance solution. The access control component – EntraPass – is yet another Kantech technology.

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