Aiphone Intercom Solutions Quick and Easy Visitor Identification

Aiphone Intercom Solutions Quick and Easy Visitor Identification

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The Aiphone range of intercoms provides quick and easy identification of visitors for smaller domestic applications through to large-scale residential and commercial solutions.

JO Series with hands-free communication
The JO Series video doorbell intercom system.
Features include:

  • Video identification and monitoring with 7″screen
  • Slim design
  • Electrostatic touch buttons
  • Video entrance stations capture 170° viewing area with the built-in PTZ camera

GT series – Multi-tenant video entry
The GT Series allows for an enterprise system capacity of 480 entrance stations, 5 000 tenant stations and 96 video guard stations.Aiphone GT Series
Features include:

  • Software-based programming = quick and easy system maintenance
  • Both audio and video stations can be intermixed
  • Entrance stations have a digital directory or individual buttons to call tenants
  • Video guard stations can receive and forward calls to tenants, screening visitors for added security

IX Series 2 peer-to-peer IP video intercom
The IX Series 2 offers the power of an enterprise platform with the simplicity of a single system, with system capability of 5 000+ door stations and 5 000+ master stations.
Features include:Aiphone IX Series

  • All IX Series stations are PoE (Power-over-Ethernet)
  • Quick and simple programming and no single point of failure
  • SIP 2.0 Compliant allows integration with Cisco Unified Call Manager®
  • System-wide health checks – monitor the components as well as the network connection
  • Line Supervision ensures stations are online
  • IX Mobile is a physical master station in the form of an App for Android and Apple mobile devices
  • Use built-in cameras for two-way master-to-master video conferencing

JP Series offers heightened picture quality
The JP series heralds the introduction of Aiphone’s first cover-less camera door station. Some of the benefits of the JP series include:Aiphone JP Series

  • Scratch – and condensation-resistant
  • Clearer picture when screen is wet
  • Vandal-proof to IK 08 standards
  • Boosted speed and performance
  • Audio still transmits even when the internet is slow

Offer your clients the opportunity to screen visitors before they enter private and commercial premises
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