Aiphone Jo Series Hands Free Communication

Aiphone Jo Series Hands Free Communication

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The JO Series video doorbell intercom system which features a 7” screen with electrostatic touch buttons and door release.

Easy-to-use security solution
The JO Series is designed to enhance user security, while being easy to use. A range of attractive features make these video doorbells a must-have:

  • Two-wire installation – use existing doorbell wire
  • Easy operation by 7-inch touch screen
  • Total hands-free communication
  • Electrostatic touch buttons

Three door station options
All JO Series door stations come standard with dust and moisture resistance capabilities.
Choose from:Aiphone Joe

  • JO-DA – night-time LED function
  • JO-DV – night-time LED function; vandalresistant; zinc construction
  • JO-DVF – night-time LED function; vandalresistant; stainless steel construction

The JO Series is available in convenient box sets
The three easy to install kits:

  • The JOS-1A kit includes the JO-DA surface mount plastic door station.
    The JOS-1V kit features the JO-DV surface mount door station with a zinc die cast faceplate.
    The JOS-1F kit contains the JO-DVF flush mount door station with a stainless-steel faceplate.
  • Use built-in cameras for two-way master-to-master video conferencing

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Offer your clients the opportunity to screen visitors before they enter private and commercial premises
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