The thinking, learning video management system

The thinking, learning video management system

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So your client has all the latest technology surveillance products, but how do they know that they are maximising the capabilities of the system? Integrating the surveillance offering with a smart video analytics solution like DeepAlert allows control room operators to get instantaneous feedback with real time analytics.


Real-time video analytics

DeepAlert’s real-time alerting solution uses deep learning Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to perform real-time video analytics on a continuous basis. And because the system is constantly learning and improving its own performance in terms of alerts, users benefit from increased security levels and decreased false alarms.

 DeepAlert analyses what is in a scene and delivers relevant alerting tied into predefined preferences.

 It has the ability to cut out distractions and offer alerts tailored to an installation’s specific requirements.

 It distinguishes unusual elements in a scene and alerts on these.

User-defined exclusion zones can be added.

 The Cloud-based infrastructure creates a simple drop-in solution that works with almost any modern camera system.


Simple to set up and use

In spite of its inner complexity, DeepAlert is an easy-to-use system that has multiple benefits for users:

    • Even though DeepAlert takes advantage of the latest computing advances, it is highly cost effective.
    • Deploy it anywhere.
    •  Most IP cameras can integrate with the system.
    • It can be used in both new and existing camera installations.
    • Ideal for home, business and farm/game park intruder detection installations.
    • Using DeepAlert helps businesses to stay compliant with production monitoring and health & safety regulations.

Did you know?

DeepAlert sends alerts on 25+ classes of objects/activities.

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