Creating increased RMR with Kantech

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  When you are looking to grow your business, it’s a good idea to align yourself with a…

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Breathe easy, your fleet is secure

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Manage your fleet more effectively Autowatch technology is designed to provide businesses with targeted control of their fleet.…

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Kantech’s Hattrix offers increased recurring monthly revenue

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Nothing is more vital to the health of an organisation than making sure that its people, material assets…

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Real-time alerting for video analytics

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It’s not enough that you have deployed a series of CCTV cameras around your client’s premises. You need…

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Containing costs with cloud-based access control system hosting

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A typical scenario in the past was to install a computer and software for the access control systems…

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Elvey Finance helps you grow your business

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Elvey Finance allows you to grow your business by offering your customers financing of their security and fire…

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Uncompromised security system uptime with Clearline

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Security systems cannot afford to be offline. Bringing an extra level of reassurance to security system owners, Clearline’s…

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Add Elvey’s Financing options to your portfolio

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Become a one-stop security and financing shop for your commercial and residential customers Add Elvey Finance’s alternative security…

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A FINANCING PARTNERSHIP that benefits all stakeholders

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Leverage Elvey Fiance’s ability to gain and enhance your commercial client’s chances of obtaining credit approval Elvey Finance…

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