Being accredited wins contracts

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  Fire detection plays a critical role in providing early warning against fires in residential and business premises.…

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Digging deeper to help you grow your business

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We know how tough it can be for your customers to find finance for their security systems. This…

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Keeping the lines of communication open for improved security

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  An intruder detection and alarm system is a great defence mechanism for homeowners and businesses alike. But…

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One account, multiple branches

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You and your customers just cannot afford to have downtime on installed security systems. That is why Elvey…

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Remotely manage fleets for enhanced productivity and safety

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Most fleet owners just don’t have the time to be constantly checking on their fleet and the drivers…

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Finding the right solutions for your installation

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There’s a saying that “Experience trumps intelligence”. At Elvey however, we believe that exemplary customer service is a…

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The thinking, learning video management system

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So your client has all the latest technology surveillance products, but how do they know that they are…

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The many layers of intelligent security

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We all know that the security industry is rapidly changing. But do you know if your security distributor…

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Increasing monetisation and enhancing security

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The control room is undoubtedly the hub of all security systems. The place where operators peer into monitors…

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Big dividends with Hattrix’s offsite access control system hosting

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Many customers just don’t want to be bothered with the logistics of hosting their own access control systems.…

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