Keeping the lines of communication open for improved security

Keeping the lines of communication open for improved security

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An intruder detection and alarm system is a great defence mechanism for homeowners and businesses alike. But if the alarm cannot communicate effectively, then it is merely a collection of boxes housing unused technology. Permaconn has several products that enhance control room communication.

The Permaconn solution entails high-end radios located in secure premises, connecting back to the secure signalling using single-sim, dual-sim or ethernet/fibre networks.



High speed communication software platforms

In essence, Permaconn’s communication solutions provide a private and secure network (encrypted to AES128), which ensures alarm signals are securely delivered from the protected premises to the control room.

These options include:

Atlas – a secure platform for remote management of Permaconn communicators and all aspects of account administration.

PCS – a remote access tool that allows real-time programming of a broad range of third-party alarm systems.

Pocket Secure – a smartphone app that enables consumers and business owners to remotely control their alarm systems from anywhere in the world.


Why Permaconn?

• Permaconn radios connect to the cloud network using single-sim, dual-sim or ethernet/fibre networks, enabling a triple pathway of communication back to base.

• High security levels for peace of mind

• Constant triple-path connection with real-time supervision of all network links back to Permaconn radios and bases

• Can connect all alarm panels to control rooms in SA

• Technology works over either IP networks, mobile networks or both

• All Permaconn radios have three inputs and three outputs and a serial interface

• Plug-and-play easy installation.


Financial benefits

There are a number of benefits that make the Permaconn solution easy on the pocket:

• SMS cost savings benefit to security companies – uses push notifications on data network

• Can charge separately for each Pocket Secure Plus user per household

• Pocket Secure app can be labeled with your own company branding and marketing

• Standalone option available on our Sureconnect platform – customers without control rooms can utilise the system and monitor their customers

• System includes 1 hour and 2 minute radio polling.


Did you know?

There were 227 727 reported incidents of house burglaries and 71 131 burglaries at non-residential premises in 2018.


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