PC4401/ PC6400*

PC4401/ PC6400* - Data Interface Module for Maxsys

  • Connect up to 4 modules
  • Capable of performing as either a bi-directional RS-232 interface, PC-Link isolator or printer module
  • Real-time zone status
  • Fully programmable
  • 4-wire hook-up to COMBUS
  • PC4401 for Maxsys PC4020
  • PC6400* for Maxsys PC6010
  • *This product may be subject to a 4 week lead time

PC5400.V3 - PowerSeries Printer Interface Module

  • Can be used to support a serial printer
  • Compatible with all PowerSeries control panels
  • Ordering no. 22PC5400-V3

PC5401 - Data interface Module - Home Automation

  • Supports bi-directional RS-232 commands for third-party interface
  • Supports real-time zone status
  • Compatible with all POWERSERIES control panels
  • Ordering no. 22PC5401

PC5900W - Talk/ Listen In Audio verification Module

  • Up to 4 audio stations, 4 microphone and 2 speakers
  • Remotely controlled via touchtone phone,152m speaker range
  • Ordering no. 22PC5900W



NX590E - TCP/IP Internet/ Intranet Interface Module

  • Works in conjunction with Osbome Hoffman TCP/IP Base Station
  • Alarm reporting towards OH receiver (2)
  • Email reporting to 2 email accounts
  • Up / downloading
  • Home Automation
  • Flash able Micro Controller
  • TCP/IP connection to OH2000E-IP
  • Ordering no. 16NX590E

1706E - Proximity Tag for NX-1701E

  • Smart Fob
  • Ordering no. 16NX1706E
NetworX  NX320-E

NetworX NX320-E - Smart Power Supply & Bus Extender

  • Smart Power Supply and Bus extender for use on NX8 and NX8E control panels
  • Provides up to 2amps of additional 12 volt auxiliary power
  • Allows the bus circuit to be extended an additional 800m for larger building
  • Ordering no. 16NX320
NetworX NX535

NetworX NX535 - Voice Speech Module

  • Message can be assigned to events
  • 15 alarm (event) messages
  • Easy programming through telephone handset
  • Compatible with NX-8E and V2 Board
  • Ordering no. 16NX535

NX-1701E - Proximity Card Reader

  • Uses proximity cards or keyfobs
  • Connect up to 15 readers to NX series control panel
  • Locate readers up to 2, 500 feet from control panel"
  • Enrol cards and keyfobs individually or by batches
  • NX -1750E Smartcards and NX - 1706E Smartfobs available
  • Add and delete users with DL900 software
  • One low - current trigger output for door strike / magnetic lock
  • Ordering no. 16NX1701E

NX-1705E - Proximity Card for NX-1701E

  • Smart Card
  • Ordering no. 16NX1705E

NX-1710E - Wingand interface module

  • Microprocessor controlled
  • Supports most wiegand format readers
  • Scheduling and event log (events are recorded into the event log of the NX panel)
  • On-board relay for switching power on door locking mechanisms
  • Door control in one or all partitions
  • ordering no. 16NX1710E

NX-V2 - NX-V2 Hardware Boards

  • V2 allows to user modules that are currently only compatible with NX8E
  • Has all the software feature that are currently in the NX8E
  • Up to 30 zone configuration types with extended options
  • Automatic zone count for LCD keypads
  • Log up to 512 events
  • Auto arm with retry timer option
  • Auto disarm