GMXP0 - Mounting Plate for GM560/GM530

  • In the case of uneven or hardened steel plates, weld on mounting plate GMXP0 or roll bolt to concrete surfaces
  • Ordering no. 15GMXPO

GMXS1 - Internal Test Transmitter for GM560

  • Used for function and mounting test of the seismic detectors
  • Ordering no. GMXS1

GM730 - Intelligent Seismic Vibration Sensor

  • 3 square meter coverage, typically for ATMs and small safes.
  • Built in transmitter
  • Round the clock monitoring of safes, night deposit boxes and ATMS
  • Detects all known attack methods
  • Customized Sensitivity Settings with Senstool Software
  • 13 Feet (4 m) detection radius
  • Low profile design
  • UL listed
  • Ordering no. 15GM730

GM760 - Low-Profile Seismic Detector for All Applications

  • 5m operating radius on concrete - 80 m 2 coverage area
  • Around-the-clock monitoring of strong-room-walls and doors, safes, night,deposits, automatic teller machines, etc.
  • Individual settings with SensTool software
  • SENSTEC™ Bimorph sensor and micro-controller-based signal evaluation
  • Ordering no. 16GM760