300B - Microwave Intrusion Link

  • Unaffected by Vibration,Wind, Fog, Rain, Snow, Dust or Temperature Extremes
  • Extremely Low Current Drain(40 mA at 12 VDC) per Link
  • State-of-the-Art Gallium Arsenide Field Effect Transistor (GaAs FET)Microwave Source
  • Phase Locked Loop (PLL) Signal Processing
  • Field Changeable Antenna Elements for Optimum Detection at Short, Medium or Extended Range
  • Self-Contained Alignment Circuits and LED Troubleshooting Indicators

310B - Microwave Intrusion Link

  • 1,500 Foot (457 m) Range
  • Narrow Beam, Low Sidelobe Antennas
  • Wide Dynamic Range Phase Locked Loop (PLL) Signal Processing
  • K-Band Multipath Detection
  • Self-Contained Alignment circuits and LED Troubleshooting Indicators
Intrepid MicroPoint Cable System

Intrepid MicroPoint Cable System - Perimeter Fence Detection Systems

  • MicroPoint Detection with location to 3m
  • Sensitivity Levelin for varying fence conditions
  • Free Format Zoning eliminates hardware constraints in system design
  • Point Impact Discrimination increases detection without increasing nuisance alarms
  • MicroPoint cable with integrated power and data for reduced installation costs
  • Windows based PC installation
  • Direct high-level Interface
Intrepid MicroTrack

Intrepid MicroTrack - Buried Cable Detection Systems

  • Intrusion location to 3m
  • Invisible detection field
  • Terrain following capability
  • Site-adaptive Sensitivity Leveling
  • Software-controlled detection zones