VX402/402R/402REC - Pet Friendly Outdoor Boundary PIR

  • Outdoor PIR 12m x 90 degree wide angle detection area
  • Patented Double Conductive Shielding and Temperature Compensation
  • Selectable N/C or N/O output
  • Photocell for day and night operation
  • Fully adjustable detection area with pet-immunity IP-54 Rating
  • Voice recording / warning function (VX-402REC)
  • Wireless Battery Saving Circuit (VX-402R)
  • Master and Slave Configuration
  • Directional detection with slave unit
  • Ordering no.07VX402 (Standard Model)
  • Ordering no.07VX402R (Wireless Model)
  • Ordering no.07VX402A (Audio Model)

07HX-80N -

  • Mounting Height 2.5 - 3 m
  • Intelligent AND detection logic with unique pyro-element. The exclusive pyro element on board enables the HX to project an ideal detection pattern, thus allowing for more accurate detection of humans and less false alarms.
  • Double Conductive Shielding
  • Advanced Temperature Compensation Logic
  • Vegetation sway analysis
  • Slope friendliness - Not all outdoor ground is flat like most indoor environments. Steep slopes can cause negative effects on the catch performance feature. The adjustable included bracket enables the HX to maintain the optimal catch performance.
  • HX coverage can be adjusted by means of built-in flaps and plates
  • Ordering Code - 07HX-80N

BX80NR - Wireless Outdoor Long Range PIR

  • 12m either side detection range
  • Wireless
  • Optex's advanced PIR technology creates a narrow, long detection area that protects wide horizontal areas, such as a building's perimeter.
  • Limited Detection Range Function - can be adjusted to avoid detecting unwanted objects
  • Size-Judging Function - Layered Detection Pattern that discriminates between large and small objects in the detection area
  • Easy Installation - Convenient and simple to install, the BX-80N is mounted in the center of the detection area and protects both sides
  • Attractive Slender Design - Its smart, stylish design blends in well with any type of architecture
  • Ordering no. 07BX80NR

FTN-RAM - Wireless Fit Compact Outdoor Detector

  • Digital Anti-Masking
  • Complete battery operation
  • 5m narrow range
  • 190 degrees horizontal flexibility
  • Pet immunity
  • Super Multi Dimension Analysis Logic
  • Double conductive Shielding
  • Ordering no. 07FTN-RAM

HX-40/HX-40AM/HX-40RAM - High Mount Outdoor Detector

  • 3 m high mount outdoor detector
  • Multiple pattern detection area technologywith “Brand-New” pyro-element
  • Intelligent AND logic prevents false alarms caused by a pet or small animal
  • Dual signal processing circuit automatically adjusts its detection sensitivity, preventing missed alarms in a hostile environment
  • Vegetation sway analysis logic monitors temperature change of the ground heated by daytime sunlight to prevent false alarms
  • Anti-Masking model in HX-40AM
  • Wireless Battery Operated model with Anti-Masking in HX-40RAM
LX402C / 802N

LX402C / 802N - Standard Outdoor PIR with Wide Angle Detection

  • Standard Outdoor PIR 14m x 14m wide angle detection area (LX-402)
  • Outdoor PIR 24m x 2m long range detection area (LX802N)
  • Patented Double Conductive Shielding and Temperature Compensation
  • Selectable Detection Patterns (Pet Alley or Multi-Level)
  • Day & night modes, IP-54 Rating
  • Selectable Detection Patterns (Pet Alley or Multi-Level)
  • Ordering no. 07LX402C (Wide angle model)
  • Ordering no.07LX802N (Long range model)


  • 5 Levels of Detection Length Adjustment
  • 7 Positions of Horizontal Area Adjustments
  • Advanced Temparature Compensation Logic
  • Various Mounting Capability
  • SMDA Logic for environmental noise immunity, with efficent energy management
  • Vegetation Sway Analysis for Microwave
  • N.C./N.O. Selectable Alarm output
  • Double Conductive Sheilding
  • IP55 and UV resistant ASA body.
  • VXI -ST - 12m x 90 degrees PIR / VXI-R: Battery Operated
  • VXI-AM: VXI-ST with Anti-Masking / VXI-RAM: VXI-R with Anti-Masking
  • VXI-DAM: VXI-AM with Micro Wave / VXI-RDAM: VXI-RAM with Micro Wave