CX502 - Long Range PIR with Multi Focus Optics

  • Long range (24m X 2.3m) & wide angle (15m X 15m)
  • Patented Quad Zone Logic
  • Patented Double Conductive Shielding
  • Temperature Compensation
  • Ordering no.07CX502

CX502AMC - PIR with Anti-masking Detection and Multi Focus Optics

  • Patented Multi Anti-Masking Technology prevents any kind of detecting disturbances
  • Twin-Windows detects the variations of optical expansion and direction differences
  • 15m x 15m wide angle detection area
  • 24m x 2.3 m long range detection area
  • Self Checking Function and Initial Alarm Memory
  • Ordering no. 07CX502AMC

CX702C - Long Range PIR with Multi Focus Optics

  • 45m x 2.4m long range detection
  • 21m x 21m wide angle detection
  • Quad Zone Logic and Double Conductive Shielding
  • Multi-Focus Technology and temperature compensation
  • Sealed Optics
  • Spherical Lens Design
  • 3 Step lens angle adjustment
  • Ordering no. 07CX702C

MX-40QZ - Quad Zone Logic PIR with Microwave Detection

  • Patented Quad Zone Logic
  • Spherical Lens Design
  • Anti - Crosstalk Technology (Patent Pending)
  • Noise Reduction Circuit
  • 12m x 12,85 degree coverage
  • Ordering no. 07MX-40QZ


RCR-11/ RCR-11-PET

RCR-11/ RCR-11-PET - Range Controlled Radar Detector

  • Range controlled Radar detector with coverage on demand.
  • Ideal for high security applications
  • AND/OR Logic
  • Ordering no. 13RCR-11 (Standard Model)
  • Ordering no. 13CR-11-PET (Pet-Friendly Model)


IR 120C

IR 120C - Mirror Optic PIR with PIRASIC and Black Triplex Mirror

  • A unique combination of superior immunity and high detection reliability
  • Easy installation with time saving SIEMENS snap-in concept
  • The 18x3 triplex zone black mirror and AMASIC full digital signal processing
  • Ideal for use in a wide range of commercial and domestic applications where domestic pets may be present
  • 12m wide angle range
  • Ordering no. 15IR120C

IR200CII - Mirror Optic PIR PIRASIC & Fuzzy Logic

  • 15 m wide angle with look down zone or 25 m continuous curtain (optional)
  • Fully digital Visatec II signal evaluation
  • Intelligent temperature compensation
  • Choice of four application settings
  • Three-stage white light filter with changeable black mirror optics
  • PIRASIC & Fuzzy Logic
  • Ordering no. 15 IR200C-2

IRS162 - Black Mirror Curtain Lens

  • For IR-120C and IR-200C
  • Overlapping coverage zone to form a complete monitored area to detect a person passing through
  • Ordering no. 15IRS162