SG-1 - GRI Shockguard

  • Solid State Piezo Electric Sensor
  • No processor unit required
  • Bi-colour LED indicator for visual confirmation
  • On board tamper switch
  • Wide range of surface protection including glass, wall, doors etc.
  • Ordering no. 13SG-1(WHITE) / 13SG-1(BROWN)



5150 - On-the-Glass Piezo Sensor

  • 3m radius of coverage measured from the sensor - Must be installed on Framed Glass
  • Protects all glass types up to a standard thickness of 6.4 mm including plate, wired, tempered and laminated glass
  • Ideal for 24-hours loop protection
  • Two wire sensor, drawing no power from the loop
  • Ordering no. 135150-O