FG-701 - Glass Break Tester

  • Calibrated signal output to allow true range verification
  • Remote test-mode activation - works from 15 ft away
  • Low battery voice announcement
  • Digitally produced glassbreak sound
  • Ordering no. 22FG-701

LC-102-PIGBSS - Pet-Friendly Digital PIR and Glassbreak Detector

  • Form ‘A’ alarm contact and tamper switch
  • Digital signal analysis
  • Slim profile design
  • Features ABS plastic for shock and impact protection
  • Exceptional white light immunity
  • Pet immunity up to 25 kg
  • Quad Linear Imaging Technology for sharp analysisof body dimensions and differentiation from backgrounds and pets
  • Separate PIR and glassbreak sensitivity adjustment
  • 2 independent relay outputs for glassbreak and PIR alarm signals
  • Ordering no. 22LC-102-PIGBSS

LC105-DGB - Digital glassbreak detectors

  • Phased frequency detector sensor
  • Able to adjust sound sensors separately
  • Ceiling- or wall-mount installation
  • Advanced ASIC-based electronics
  • Wide-range operating voltage
  • High reliability, trouble-free operation
  • User-friendly installation with or without swivel-mount bracket
  • Ordering no. 22LC-105-DGB



5812NT - ShatterPro II Breakglass Detector

  • New "EZ" design for quick and easy installation
  • Pattern Recognition Technology for superior detection and false alarm immunity
  • Suitable for quiet occupied areas on a perimeter loop
  • Automatic test and user verification
  • Ordering no. 135812NT