11SPAR-1781 -

  • Tests open terminal and loaded battery voltage
  • Automatic battery load connect / disconnect to prevent tester damage
  • Simple battery ‘Go - No Go’ Indication
  • Battery voltage measurement better than 1% accuracy
  • Microprocessor controlled
  • Rugged design
  • Ordering no:11SPAR-1781

11STRX790CX20 - Range of VHF Radio Transmitters

  • 5 or 9 Hardwired inputs
  • On-board serial connection
  • On-board Contact ID option
  • Programmable alarm input delay
  • Programmable positive or negative trip
  • Engineer test button
  • Ordering no. 11STRX790CX20

11TSAL-D20-BS89 - RDC Base Station Receiver

  • Intelligent base and repeater handshake
  • High end receiver with sophisticated front end filtering
  • Advanced self-testing features
  • “Daisy chain” capability
  • Advanced iprs2 signal routing technology
  • Remote FTP updating
  • Ordering no:11TSAL-D20-BS89

11TSAL-ICB-BS70 - IN-CAR - mobile base station

  • Signals are sent directly to the response vehicle as well as the control room
  • Client name & address are available immediately to the reaction officer to improve response times
  • Simple operation for reaction officers
  • Download event logs onto a PC
  • Ordering no:11TSAL-ICB-BS70