RDC Radio Base Station

RDC Radio Base Station - RDC Base Station Receiver

  • Intelligent IPRS and data acknowledge
  • English telemetry display
  • Programmable repeater auto–test and mains-fail reporting
  • Unique individual system coding – prevents system cross talk
  • One unit provides backup for both base station and repeater
  • Compatible with X20 transmitter (TX 4000 and TX 8000 transmitter can be upgraded to IPRS technology)
  • A neat, small-sized, self-contained unit
  • Single or multiple receivers (multiple channels)
  • GPRS network capability
  • IPRS® (signals intelligently follow pre-programmed routes) or MSK (entry level)signalling
  • “Daisy chain” capability
  • Internal 2A charger with 3A surge - charges in an offline mode for load shedding conditions
  • Multi user facility (400 users)
  • Ordering No:11D20-IPRS
  • Ordering No:11D20-MSK
  • Ordering No:11D20-20

Antenna - Black Max Dipole Antenna

  • Used to extend the range of RDC transmitters
  • Slim chassis design
  • Stronger radials
  • Supplied with or without a PL259 connector
  • Ordering No:11Blackmax/11Blackmax-Con
Radio Programmer

Radio Programmer - RDC Programmer

  • 16 x 4 character line display and a 12 button keypad
  • Easily portable and requiring no separate power source
  • Instant viewing of current configuration
  • "Clone" feature for speedy changes to batches of transmitters
  • Displays and / or modifies transmitter features
  • Programme input polarity, self test timer, set channel and code number etc
  • LCD display
  • Ordering No:11TX-PROGRAMMER
Transmitter Panic Packs

Transmitter Panic Packs -

  • Long range transmitter (TX-lite, TX650C, TX690C, TX690CID or TX690CID-lite)
  • Short range receiver (optional)
  • Independent power supply & transformer
  • Battery (12V 2.4AH)
  • Internal tamper proof whip antenna