22SG-TL260GS* - Internet & GSM/GPRS Dual Path Alarm Communicator

  • Fully redundant Internet and GSM/GPRS dual-path alarm communication
  • Integrated call routing
  • Panel remote uploading/downloading support via GSM/ GPRS and Intern
  • Advanced remote and local programming via DSC DLS IV
  • Supervision heartbeats via GSM/GPRS and Internet
  • Full event reporting
  • Installer Code
  • SIA format
  • Signal strength and trouble display
  • Quad-Band: 850 MHz, 1900 MHz, 900 MHz and 1800 MHz
  • Ordering No:22SG-TL260GS*

TL300 - T-Link TCP/IP Network Communication

  • Instant, always-on IP communication
  • Works over local LAN/WAN network or the internet
  • Supports DHCP (dynamic IP addresses)
  • Reports events to 2 different receiver IP addresses
  • Low network bandwidth requirements
  • Compatible with 10/100BaseT networks
  • 4 on-board programmable zone inputs (expandable to 12 using PC5108 zone expander modules)
  • Compatible with any control panel that uses the Contact ID format
  • Programmable through the panel keypad or T-Link Console software
  • 128-bit AES encryption (NIST approved)
  • Ordeing No:22TL300



NX–590E - TCP/IP Internet/Intranet Interface Module

  • Works in conjuction with Osbome Hoffman TCP/IP base station
  • Alarm reporting towards OH receiver(2)
  • Email reporting to 2 email accounts
  • Up/downloading
  • Home automation
  • Flashable Microcontroller
  • TCP/IP connection to OH2000E-IP
  • Ordering no. 16NX590E



SG-TL150 - Residential IP Alarm Communicator

  • Supports all PowerSeries control panels
  • Compact, easy installation design
  • Home owners can arm/disarm and view zone status through a webpage on their home computer
  • Ordering no. 22SG-TL150