AX-100TFR/200TFR - Wireless Battery Operated Photoelectric Detectors

  • Advantage of wireless photoelectric detector - low installation costs
  • Flexible location
  • Wireless stylish design
  • Minimize lightning damage as there is no wire
  • Low battery output (signal)
  • Triple Tamper functions
  • AX-100TFR - 30m detection range (maximum arrival distance 265m)
  • AX-200TFR - 60m detection range (maximum arrival distance 530m)
AX-250PLUS / 500PLUS

AX-250PLUS / 500PLUS - Long Range Photoelectric Detector

  • Lightning and surge protection up to 15Kv
  • Anti - frost design
  • Easy installation and alignment
  • Twin beams require simultaneous interruption to create activation
  • Sealed optics to prevent ingress of insects and dust
  • Adjustable beam interruption time
  • AX - 250PLUS - detection range 75m
  • Ordering no. 07AX250PLUS / 07AX500PLUS

AX-350TF/650TF - Selectable Beam Frequency Long Range Photoelectric Detector

  • No crosstalk using advanced digital communication
  • Reliable detection with ATPC(Automatic Transmission Power Control)in spite of environmental changes
  • Trouble free channel setting
  • Stack up to 4 sets for multiple installation (AX-DX MKIII only)
  • AX-350DH MKIII-outdoor detection range 100m
  • AX-650DH MKIII-outdoor detection range 200m
  • Simplified optical alignment
  • LED whichcan check beam strength easily
  • No need for beam bloking plate
  • Alignment without voltmeter
  • IP65 structure
  • 5 year limited warranty
  • Ordering No:07AX350DHMK3 /07AX650DHMK3

AX-70/130/200TN - Short Range Photoelectric Detector

  • IP65 Structure
  • Lightning and surge protection up to 15Kv
  • Anti - frost hood cover
  • 99% beam blocking stability
  • Automatic Gain Circuit
  • adjustable interruption time
  • AX-70TN: outdoor detection range 20m
  • AX-130TN: outdoor detection range 40m
  • AX-200TN: outdoor detection range 60m
  • Ordering no. 07AX70TN / 07AX130TN / 07AX-200PLUSTN

BX-100Plus - 30m Boundary Guard Outdoor Active Infrared Beam

  • Dual IR pulsed beam system
  • Internal sounder
  • Easy alignment with visual and audible indicator
  • Light Reduction Filter
  • 99% beam blocking stability
  • Active Infrared Technology
  • With white light filters in slim line housing.
  • Optional white decorative cover (WC-1)
  • N.O and N.C relay outputs
  • Ordering no. 07BX100PLUS