Elveys Online Ordering System - eTrade
Launched in 2007, Elveys user-friendly e-Trade system made headlines as an industry first, effectively allowing customers to place orders via the internet on a 24/7 basis.
Four years later, having realised its goal to allow customers to source and order products in the convenience of their homes or offices, Elvey is proud to announce a system upgrade.
Online shopping, being so convenient, is increasingly seen as the intelligent way to order what you need when you need it, without having to stand in queues or wait for stock to be picked and packed. Accordingly, we have strived to improve our system since its inception, with the focus on usability, convenience and time-saving. Our customers are important to us and anything we can do to help simplify their daily lives, to make order out of chaos, we will do.
Brimful of features, the new Elvey e-Trade system offers live pricing, which will ensure that quotations and orders placed are in sync with the prices reflected on the company system, and that they are processed without delay.
Many of the smaller security installers do not have in-house quotation systems, which means they have to do orders on non-specialised software. Not only does this take time but it is also vulnerable to errors e-Trade, on the other hand, allows installers to instantly access product descriptions, images, pricing, and technical and user manuals directly from Elvey. They can then personalise and deliver professional and comprehensive quotations in minutes.
Furthermore, customers can browse e-Trade for new product releases in every conceivable category, search for specific items, load articles into a shopping cart and submit online orders. It also gives installers up-to- date information on product promotions.
Further, installers can use e-Trade to order products directly from Elvey, and have the stock delivered to their closest branch, their own premises or even their installation sites.

Sensitive to the need for customer confidentiality and privacy, Elvey has employed the latest technology to ensure secure data transmission. Through the use of data encryption and other safety measures, our system offers customers enhanced convenience in conjunction with the peace of mind that comes from knowing their transactions are private and secure.