Finding the right solutions for your installation

Finding the right solutions for your installation

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There’s a saying that “Experience trumps intelligence”. At Elvey however, we believe that exemplary customer service is a mixture of the two, with added knowledge and capability rounding out the equation. Finding the right combination of technology offerings is often a minefield, so Elvey has simplified the process by building up a team of technical experts.

Did you know?

A fact that not many people are aware of is that Elvey has the biggest number of technical ‘feet on the ground’ in the industry.

Relationship building

The Elvey technical team is able to quickly react to requests from installers who require the extra edge in customer negotiations. This is achieved by:

 Spending the time and effort to build relationships
 Familiarising ourselves with the businesses of the installers we are aligned with
 Getting to know the demands of the end user market
 Keeping a finger on the pulse of current trends
 Matching our technology to needs.

Staying up to date

Successfully bringing security products to market entails a thorough understanding of the latest in cutting edge technology. How does Elvey do this?

 Extensive training with supplier technical representatives at either their premises or at Elvey’s premises.
 Attendance at key technology Expos and seminars.
 Niche sales training.

Elvey’s coverage of the market is extensive and provides clients with the reassurance that aftermarket support is readily available.

Elvey is your security technology solutions distributor! Contact us today and find out how we can help you gain a competitive advantage, win more contracts and boost revenue with our leading global brands.