Frequently Asked Questions

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1) What is eTrade?

eTrade is an innovative online ordering system that allows you to place real-time orders utilizing an internet connection. It also allows you to browse through a comprehensive range of products offline , saving you bandwidth and online costs.

2) How does eTrade work?

eTrade will install a set of system files on your computer. You will then be required to register for a customer profile. Every time you log in , eTrade will automatically update your pricing (if applicable) as well as update your sales history and sales order status.

3) What is the benefit of using eTrade?

eTrade works very similar to normal online shopping. It offers you an efficient and convenient platform to process your order 24/7. The main difference is that you do not make any direct payment when you place the order. All costs incurred will be charged to your account with Elvey.

With eTrade you will have access to up-to-date pricing, sales promotions and sales order reports. You can also put together a quotation for your clients within the eTrade platform.

Another benefit is that the order is ready for collection by the time the customer arrives at the branch – no more waiting for stock.

4) How secure is eTrade?

Since there is no submission of payment information, this service is just as secure as you buying directly from your sales branch.

5) Does eTrade cost me anything?

No! This is simply another value-added service offered to our customers.

6) How do I register for a profile?

You will need to obtain the latest copy of the eTrade software either by visiting one of our sales branches nationwide or downloading it from our website http://www.elvey.co.za/

You will then need to contact Elvey’s head office on (011) 401 6700 and speak to our eTrade administrator to obtain a login name and password for your profile.

7) Is eTrade available to Elvey customer s only?


8) Do I need any new software?


9) Do I need any new hardware?


10) I had registered for the service but I can’t remember my username and password, how do I login?

You will need to contact Elvey’s head office on (011) 401 6700 and speak to our eTrade administrator to obtain a login name and password for your profile

11) Do I have to update my profile every time I login?

Yes, this will enable eTrade to provide you with the latest pricing and product information.

12) How long would it take to process my orders?

Delivery time is usually 24 hours, although "urgent" deliveries may be arranged by calling your local branch.

13) Will I receive an order confirmation?

Click on the “Send/Receive” button and select “Get order status”. This will inform you of your order status.

14) Is there any delivery charge if I wish to have my order delivered to my business address?
15) Can I request that my order be delivered to another address other than my normal business address?


16) Can I request to have my order couriered to me?

The courier option is available. Contact your branch for more information.

17) What if I want to cancel my order after I’ve ordered it?

You will need to contact your branch to cancel the order.

18) Should I share my login name and password with other people?

No! Your username and password should be treated in the same manner as your banking password or PIN and should not be disclosed to anyone.

19) What if I have insufficient credit in my account?
You will be notified by either your Sales Representative or our Accounts Department

20) Terms and conditions

See Terms and Conditions

21) Who do I contact for further eTrade enquiries?

Contact your Sales Representative for more information

22) Does the system include a Help feature?

Yes. This is found under the Help button on the toolbar.