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25 August 2016

Save the Dates:

Elvey Security Technologies and RISCO on the road

In a continued effort to give the market the latest in security solutions; Elvey Security Technologies and RISCO are going on the road to showcase the brand’s latest product offering.

The first of the road shows will be held in Johannesburg, 13 September 2016 at the Premier Hotel in Midrand; followed by Durban, 15 September 2016 at the Premier Hotel in Pinetown and will end off in Cape Town, 20 September 2016 at the Blue Peter Hotel. On show will be RISCO’s ProSYS Plus, Zwave Home Automation system, the LightSYS 2, the Agility 3, RISCO’s HandyApp and the Stars Partners Program.

New offering to the market

RISCO’s ProSYS Plus is Elvey’s brand new offering to the South Africa security market. The solution is a powerful Grade 3 hybrid security system designed for the commercial, industrial, utilities, and enterprise sector. It provides the flexibility to install all applications on a single platform with a unique licensing mechanism allowing unlimited scalability for any size of installation up to 512 zones. The system enables business owners to conduct situation management to support comprehensive security needs via RISCO’s command and control software. It furthermore offers remote monitoring and live HD video verification. The cloud-based remote configuration and maintenance tools minimise service cost and maximise customer satisfaction. The ProSYS Plus comes with the complete range of RISCO’s detectors for commercial and industrial applications.

RISCO’s Zwave Home Automation solution is a further new offering from Elvey to the security market. It is the next level in the creation of a smart home. This app-based solution is an extension of RISCO’s intrusion systems. Using RISCO’s iRISCO mobile app; users are given any time, anywhere control of their security system.

Existing offering to the market

The LightSYS 2 is a professional security solution with live video verification. The system can be controlled via a mobile app that provides a simple control and alarm notification with live video verification on the go. It has flexible communication options including IP, GSM/ GPRS, PSTN and Long Range Radio, all installed within the main housing. The LightSYS 2 has a wide range of accessories available including wired, 2-way wireless, and RISCO Bus detectors. The solution is ideal for multi-site projects with the SynopSYS Integrated Security & Building Management™ platform.

The Agility 3 is a 2-way wireless professional security solution which also uses live video verification. The IP cameras support easy plug & play installation. The system uses RISCO’s intuitive smartphone app that can be used for both visual verifications by event using snapshots, and live video verification in response to alarm triggers or on demand. Furthermore, the system provides advanced security and monitoring capabilities available for both monitoring stations and end-users.

The RISCO HandyApp is the Installer’s Pocket Assistant. The HandyApp smartphone app includes a practical set of tools for assisting installers while installing RISCO’s intrusion systems. The RISCO Stars Partners Program is a comprehensive incentive program designed to assist distributors and installers who use RISCO Group’s products generate more business by increasing the business’s visibility.

For more details on the event and the products on show, contact info@www.elvey.co.za.dedi959.jnb1.host-h.netor 011 401 6700. 

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