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Digging deeper to help you grow your business

We know how tough it can be for your customers to find finance for their security systems. This is why we introduced Elvey Finance – an alternative finance option for your customers’ fire and security systems installations.

An industry first that will help you grow your business.

Who benefits from Elvey Finance?

• Your commercial clients who are expanding or replacing their current installation.

• Homeowners who need a system but cannot afford to pay using traditional financing routes.

• You do – by assisting your customers to finance their purchases quickly and easily.


Financing commercial customers

There are a range of financing options available through The Rental Company for commercial customers. The benefits are clear:

No large cash payment outlay is required from your customers. This makes the sale much easier for you.

Easy upgrades and replacement of equipment are available through leasing.

• Elvey Finance does all the legwork to facilitate credit approvals, so there are no more hassles for you or your customers.

• Elvey Finance sources funding from alternative funders. This means that your customer’s existing credit facilities are not affected.

Contact The Rental Company to register TODAY!

Lauren Pretorius: 079 744 4923 or elvey@rental.co.za

Financing residential customers

Elvey Finance works closely with SwitchPay to offer your residential customers an alternative payment method for their security system purchases.

It’s important to note that this risk-free payment purpose-based lending option gives your customers instant access to all major credit providers. This win-win scenario has a number of benefits for you and your customers:

• The financing is completed at POS.

Quick response times for customer satisfaction. And if they are happy with you, there’s a good chance they’ll refer you to somebody else.

Loan payments are paid directly from the bank into your account, so you don’t have to chase your customers for money.

• There’s minimal paperwork, which equates to faster turnaround times.

• Your customers get immediate access to finance through the most suitable credit provider.

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Jacques: 082 700 3890 or channels@switchpay.co.za



Did you know?

Generally, it’s easier for your customers to obtain approval for OPEX rather than CAPEX



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Elvey Finance helps you grow your business

Elvey Finance allows you to grow your business by offering your customers financing of their security and fire systems.

A first in the industry, this add-on benefit for your clients will help you gain a competitive advantage, win more contracts and boost revenue.

*Now you can offer a monthly repayment option on all your quotations.


  • Your commercial clients who are expanding, upgrading or replacing their current installation.
  • Homeowners who need a system but cannot afford the full payment upfront.


  • Alternative finance for commercial clients through The Rental Company.
  • Enabling resellers to offer their clients the option of direct financing or a monthly rental of equipment.
  • Commercial clients can preserve cash flow, avoid large upfront expenses and list the cost as an operating expense, keeping it off balance sheet.

Contact The Rental Company to register TODAY!

Lauren Pretorius: 079 744 4923 or elvey@rental.co.za



In partnership with
  • Immediate access to finance for residential customers through SwitchPay.
  • A risk-free payment option with a fast approval process that offers customers access to all major credit providers in South Africa.
  • Everything is processed electronically on a Point of Sale (POS) device, which means reduced paperwork.

Contact SwitchPay to register TODAY!

Jacques Fullard: 086 199 5008 or channels@switchpay.co.za


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Become a one-stop security and financing shop for your commercial and residential customers.

Add Elvey Finance’s alternative financing options to your portfolio

Elvey Finance’s alternative payment options for your commercial or residential customers give you a decided advantage over a your competitors.

Risk-free, immediate financing means that customers don’t have to stand in bank queues and fill in numerous forms.

Happy customers are one of your biggest selling tools. SIGN UP TODAY!


The Elvey Finance team has partnered with The Rental Company to provide financing for commercial customers with SwitchPay for residential.

Here’s how you get on board:

  • Contact the team below and set up an appointment.
  • Sign up for a short training course that will teach you how to become part of the Elvey Finance chain.
  • Attend training at either the Elvey Finance offices or at your store.
  • Learn about the advantages for your customers- then tell them!
  • Get ongoing support from the Elvey Finance team.

Lauren Pretorius: 079 744 4923 or email us at elvey@rental.co.za

Jacques Fullard: 086 199 5008 or email us at channels@switchpay.co.za


  • How to use the Elvey Finance calculator to calculate your customer’s monthly repayments.
  • The benefits of quoting the finance option on every proposal.
  • The various assessment categories.
  • What documentation is required?
  • How the process works.
  • Methods for increasing commercial customers chances of credit approvals.
  • Taking your residential customers through the process.