Bentel WiFi Bridge
for ABS-IP board

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ABSOLUTA is a testament to Bentel Security’s commitment to perfection. Bentel Security continues to persevere — using emerging technologies to meet ever-changing customer needs.

The ABSOLUTA platform is a perfect example of this evolution, drawing from the legacy of experience of the Bentel Security brand to attain a new level of perfection. Rooted in Italian quality and design, the ABSOLUTA exudes a passion for the finer details – those that make all the difference to today’s demanding customer

ABSOLUTA Control Panel

With ABSOLUTA security without compromise is a forgiven. ABSOLUTA offers real-time connection, opening the panel up to the interactive world of smart home management.

Equipped with an ABS-GSM board, the ABSOLUTA panel also conveniently allows for remotely controlled activations via SMS as well as self-monitoring features through highly intuitive user interfaces.

With BOSS programming software, installers are now empowered to program the panel to build upon automation features. In fact, the powerful BOSS event/actions matrix allow for complex home automation scenarios, delivering a truly unique user experience.

Features that make a Difference.

Simple yet Powerful User Interface

Complete System Remote Control

New Home Automation Horizons

Absolute Communication

360° Programming

and much more…

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