Being accredited wins contracts

Being accredited wins contracts

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Fire detection plays a critical role in providing early warning against fires in residential and business premises. But, not just anybody should install a fire detection system. Are you accredited and certified?


Be legal

Statistics show that fires cost South African businesses (or their insurers) millions of Rands annually. Add to this the sheer inconvenience caused when operations come to a grinding halt. But more importantly, let’s think about the potential loss of life.

Fire detection systems could prevent the majority of these fires by providing early warning. And you could become part of the solution. The following are some of the accreditations and certifications you need to be considered a legally certified fire detection system installer:

 SANS 10139 (fire detection and alarm systems for buildings)

 SANS 322 (fire detection and alarm systems for hospitals)

 SANS 246 (fire protection for electronic equipment installations)

 Certification by the South African Qualification & Certification Committee (SAQCC) Fire as a fire detection system installer.

Back to school

The SAQCC-Fire has associated itself with training institutions which offer accredited training courses for installers of fire detection equipment.

You would need to attend a five-day Fire Detection Installer training course. On successful completion, you will be registered as a Fire Detection Installer.

This Fire Detection Installer training course includes the following modules/courses as a basis:

• Basic Electrical and Electronic Theory

• Fire Detection Principles

• Fire Detection Practical.

To register as a Fire Detection Installer, you would also require Supplier Training 1 – Conventional Detection Systems.

Benefits of certification and accreditation

Of course there are installers, without any accreditation, undertaking fire detection system projects. The benefits of being ‘legal’ are clear:

• Many insurance companies will not approve installations undertaken by uncertified installers.

• Larger companies refuse to deal with uncertified installers.

• The legal issues that could arise if you perform an installation without the necessary certification and accreditation as a fire detection system installer can be crippling.

Did you know?

It is a directive from the Department of Labour that all persons working on fire detection or gaseous suppression systems be registered with SAQCC-Fire.

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