OA-202CBL - Active Infrared Door Sensor

  • With large detection area, ideal for activation in retail and commercial automatic door applications
  • Combines with motion and presence detection to provide maximum reliability and safety
  • Holds the door open as long as the object is in the threshold area
  • The presence timer can be increased for added protection
  • Simple to install and adjust using levers or by masking the optical lens
  • Ordering no. 07OA-202CBL

OA-205V-2S - Active Infrared Door Sensor

  • Two lines of infrared enable the safety around the door and the deep detection area
  • Recommended for almost any types of door applications such as supermarkets, shops and airports
  • Simple to install and all settings are mechanically adjustable with dipswitches and levers
  • Safety area is featured by the first row if presence detection area closest to the door
  • Ordering no. 07OA-205V2S

OP-08C - Passive Infrared Door Sensor

  • A reliable and cost effective sensor for every type of automatic door application
  • Compact housing makes it suitable for recessed mounting
  • Advanced circuitary minimizes false activations
  • Ideal for environments with sunlight, wind, rain, snow or radio frequency noise
  • Consists of 10 individual detection zones
  • Rotating the spherical lens easily changes the detection area from standard to large area
  • Detection pattern’s size and shape can be customized with the use of masking seals
  • Ordering no. 07OP-8C

OS-12C - Miniature Active Infrared Photoelectric Safety Beam

  • Compatible with any type of automatic door
  • Amplifier and sensor heads are designed for fast and simple installation
  • Reliable sensor heads provides resistance to sunlight and other interference
  • Pressing the “Teach-In” button automatically sets the proper sensitivity and self-corrects crossed cables
  • Ordering no. 07OS-12C

OS-12C - 10m Sensor Heads / Safety Beams

  • Recognized by door professionals worldwide for their reliability and resistance to sunlight and other interference
  • Quick-disconnect plugs make installation and service fast and easy
  • Ordering no. 07SH-10MC