06 August 2007

It’s a place where criminals and justice meet, where a flood of visitors pass through its doors every day. So just how do you protect a public domain? Proud players within the electronic security industry market, LS Turnkey (East Cape), have the answers.

Project scope

Installation of security solutions to Department of Justice, North End Magistrates Court in Port Elizabeth.

The background

LS Turnkey (East Cape) (Pty) Ltd originated from the national security company LS Technology Group in April 1995, as a branch servicing the Eastern Cape region.

LS Turnkey (East Cape) now operates independently and currently services security contracts for the South African National Defence Force, the National Intelligence Agency, police stations, prisons and a number of government buildings.

When it comes to proving comprehensive security solutions, staying a step ahead of the criminal mind is the key to effective security. Elvey Security Technologies has worked close with LS Turnkey (East Cape) for over 12 years and continues to provide the best electronic security equipment for progressive access control solutions.

The installation

LS Turnkey (East Cape) Technical Director, Donald Jelley, obtained extensive experience in electronics manufacture and repair of security equipment. Over the years, he became more involved in the development of security systems, maintenance and project management.

Each client and site presents unique challenges to installers. Jelly explains his modus operandi: “I always try to think ahead and plan well in advance, even before we start on an installation. I often lie in bed at night just relaxing and thinking about a particular problem, quite often the solution is very simple. I also like to share thoughts and ideas with the project engineer to collaborate in finding a viable solution.”

The VisionLine Verifier CCTV system supports live monitoring of two-way communication and offers multitasking capabilities. It is able to record, monitor, playback, remote monitor and archive simultaneously. The product conforms to ISO 9000 standards and is available in 4,8,12, and 16 video output options.

“The biometric option, which utilises the fingerprint reader, was not implemented as it is too expensive at this stage. In terms of reliability, it still needs to be really tested in the field over a long period,” comments Jelley. “Maintenance is always a problem in terms of the government making funds available for long-term maintenance periods or contracts. If they could get a product that never wears out and has a lifetime guarantee, they would definitely specify it more.”

The result

A range of on line access control, gate automation, CCTV and intercom, metal detectors and x-ray systems were installed into eight magistrate courts within the area. Securing a public domain is certainly a challenging task, but thanks to the security solutions installed by LS Turnkey (East Cape), judges and advocates can now focus their energies on bringing criminals to book, contributing to a safer country for us all.

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