05 July 2006

The Samsung 16 Channel Standalone digital video Recorder

Relative to the pace of technological innovation in the computer industry, the evolution of electronic security systems over the past decade has been remarkable. The most significant event was the introduction of the digital video recorder (DVR) which represents a tremendous improvement over magnetic tape and video cassette recorders. DVRs ushered the security industry into the digital age. Elvey Security Technologies recognises that the recording of video data is an essential aspect of most surveillance systems and thus the company has prided itself in offering high quality DVRs.

Together with Samsung Electronics, Elvey Security Technologies brings the security market an innovative and cost effective DVR, the SHR-2160 - a 16 channel MPEG4 real time digital video recorder capable of 120(100)ips recording rate. It can also record the 4-channel synchronized audio and various kinds of resolution (CIF/Half D1). The SHR 2160 has many upgraded features: remote monitoring and control through network (LAN), various recording (normal, schedule, alarm, motion), various N/W environments, recording during replay (duplex), among others.

This versatile and economical unit carries the brand name you know and trust – Samsung, and is available at Elvey Security Technologies. For more information contact Elvey Security Technologies head office on (011) 401 6700 or visit Alternatively, email

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