16 April 2007

Gone are the days where you can keep your spare key under your welcome mat or in the closest flower pot. With today’s high crime levels, consumers need a foolproof solution…

Providers of “distinct and superior” security systems, Elvey Security Technologies together with GE Security bring installers a new innovation in security. The KeySafe Pro Portable unit provides convenient, managed access to stored keys and represents a breakthrough in technology. It can be used to allow quick and easy access to homes, offices, businesses or any other assets that require entry through one or more keys.

This revolutionary product provides a higher level of convenience and security. Now users can go on their afternoon jog without having to look for a place to hide their keys nor taking their keys with them. With the KeySafe range there’s no concern over loosing keys! It allows end users the convenience of leaving their key’s in a safe place for family members, domestic workers or other service providers.

Resolving space limitations is the KeySafe Pro Big Box. This unit provides a larger storage area and offers users higher security with a code system that can be changed as often as one likes.

The key vault has ten pushbuttons allowing for a possible 1024 code combinations. Changing codes is simple and can be done in seconds by the user. A durable weather cover is available to prevent water intrusion and to hide the box out of sight.

Elvey supplies a variety of KeySafe products, to suit the different needs of customers. For more information on these products, please visit the Elvey website,

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