30 October 2006

Driven by a vision to protect people and property with quality, innovative products and solutions to the electronic security industry, Elvey Security Technologies is at the forefront of global, cutting-edge technology.

And this commitment to providing clients with peace of mind is supported by the company’s stable of blue chip security product suppliers that includes NetworX, one of the world’s leading brands.

Speaking after the recent launch of NetworX’s latest product offerings, Elvey CEO Jack Edery said its security systems were among the most advanced and reliable in the world. Suited to a range of applications, from single family homes to commercial buildings with multiple businesses, NetworX has made the use of advanced security technology simple with its specially designed keypads and alarm panels that can be extended in a variety of options. Amongst these are:

IP Interface

The NX-590E facilitates the connection of the NetworX panel to an intranet network or the internet. This allows for email reporting to two email accounts, for up- and downloading, and for alarm reporting to an Osborne-Hoffman receiver in either SIA (Security Industry Association) or contact-ID format. All messages sent via this module are 3-DES encrypted, ensuring maximum data protection.

GSM/GPRS Interface

The NX-7002 allows for wireless alarm reporting via either SMS, GSM voice channel or GPRS. Full text reporting in a number of different languages is also possible via SMS and GPRS email with the module designed to accommodate wireless up- and downloading.

Video Verification

VVMIQ or VideoIQ Lite is an intelligent video motion detection application that classifies “cause of motion” and provides verified discrimination between human intruders and false alarms. This on-site verification allows for a substantial reduction in false alarms and consequently can reduce the number of operators required in control stations.

Premises Connect

A huge leap forward in the security industry, users now have access to and control over their security systems via internet connectivity 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They are also able to receive event notification via email. Using PremisesConnect, users can remotely arm, disarm or reset their systems as well as control the lighting on-and-off function. In addition, they can monitor their premises and the overall status of the system from anywhere in the world at any given time.

NetworX Features

Key to NetworX’ success is its keypad, which enables users to activate the system in either a ‘stay’ or ‘armed’ mode. In ‘stay’ mode, only the perimeter sensors are turned on which allows for freedom of movement inside the building. In the absence of anyone inside, all sensors are turned on in ‘armed’ mode, which ensures maximum protection for the property. NetworX systems also come with entry and exit time delays that allow people to leave and re-enter the building without setting off an alarm even though the system has been armed.

Security solutions to protect homes and businesses

In addition to the standard NetworX system components, there is also a range of advanced, optional features available. These include lifestyle enhancement and life safety features such as lightning control and carbon monoxide detection. Elvey’s team of security professionals is well qualified to provide information on the specifics of these systems and how additional features can be added.

Businesses and homes throughout South and southern Africa have come to rely on Elvey Security Technologies to supply them with products that will safeguard their families, businesses and assets. Says Elvey Commercial Director Dave Waywell: “NetworX is the brand chosen by security professionals and Elvey is the company they trust.”

For more information on NetworX or Elvey Security Technologies’ range of additional products, please contact Elvey head office on (011) 401 6700 or visit www.elvey.co.za. Alternatively, please send an email to: sales@elvey.co.za

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